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That’s My Ball Golf ID Stamps:


That’s My Ball golf ball stamps allow you to mark and identify your golf ball quickly and easily.

How to Use – 60 second video

That’s My Ball offers:

  • Easy to use, waterproof, durable and fast drying golf ball ID stamps
  • A large selection of designs, letters and zodiac signs
  • Vibrant red, blue, green and charcoal ink colours
  • Great fun gifts for golfers
  • Replacement ink vials and ink pads so you don’t need to buy the whole stamp again
  • Gift packs for presents and tournament prizes
  • Red and Black Microfibre towels with retractable belt clip
  • A small selection of ball markers and permanent Sharpie / Artline pens
  • A simple & secure shopping cart via PayPal, Stripe or Google Pay

Do you know the Rules of Golf?

That’s My Ball golf ball stamps will help you avoid a penalty!

Rule 6.3a – the player should put an identifying mark on the ball to be played.

Rule 6.3c – the player must not make a stroke at the wrong ball

Penalty for breach of Rule 6.3c :

Matchplay – Loss of Hole
Stroke Play – 2 Strokes

Easy to use and highly durable

Broad selection of stamp designs

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