A That’s my ball golf ball stamp is simple to use

Your That’s My Ball Golf Ball Stamp is a cinch to use. We recommend you practice a few times on some old balls. That way you’ll get used to exactly how much pressure you need to use to get the perfect look.

To see it in action watch this 60 second video.

Or you can simply follow the steps to the right.

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STEP ONE: Before use, ensure your golf ball is clean and dry.

STEP TWO: Twist the top cylinder to separate the golf ball stamp from the holder.

STEP THREE: Twist the coloured base to separate it from the ‘golf ball’. This holds the ink pad.

STEP FOUR: Press the golf ball stamp down onto the ink pad – 2-3 times should be enough. Most times you can see a darker patch on the ink pad where the ink has risen to the surface. Try not to over ink the stamp holder. After extended use, you will need to press down more firmly on the ink pad to make the ink rise to the surface of the pad.

STEP FIVE: Stamp your golf ball with the Stamp Holder. IMPORTANT: You only need to apply a LIGHT to MEDIUM pressure when stamping the ball.

The soft rubber stamp head will conform to the dimples of the golf ball with ease. Hold the golf ball stamp perpendicular to the ball and press straight on and off. Slow and steady here is the key.

“Super slick” and “non stick” coated golf balls will affect the ease of stamping.

STEP SIX: Close the cover of the ink pad properly after use to ensure the ink pad doesn’t dry out.

STEP SEVEN: Play golf! It’s as easy as that.