Bombs Away Tin Cup


In addition to our fantastic ID stamps, we are now pleased to offer a ball marking tool for golfers who prefer multi-coloured markings and/or a larger identification mark on their golf ball.

Tin Cups are a stainless steel stencil that sits over your golf ball. You then simply trace inside the stencil – it’s really easy!

We recommend the use of Ultra Fine permanent markers for best results with your Tin Cup. We stock Sharpie Ultra Fine permanent markers and the Artline dual nib permanent markers. The Artline dual nib permanent markers are really 2 markers in one as they have both a 0.4mm and 1mm nib on either end.

Buy your permanent marker today so that you can immediately start Tin Cupping your golf balls!

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Each Tin Cup comes with a velvet bag and instruction card.

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