The PuttingBuddy – Golf Laser Putting Aid

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The PuttingBuddy – Golf Laser Putting Aid attaches to your golf hat and transmits a red laser dot on to your golf ball.
If the red dot moves away from the golf ball it means you have moved your head during the putt. M

ost golfers do not know they move their head while putting and will be very surprised.

Putting will improve dramatically if you keep your head as still as possible.

The PuttingBuddy – Golf Laser Putting Aid can be used both inside at home, office and outside on the practice putting green.

Say goodbye to 3 putts, see strokes come off your round and see your handicap reduce by using the PuttingBuddy.

Requires 2 x AA batteries (batteries not included).

Dimensions – 8×6.5×1.5cm Weight – 50g

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