1_Caroline-and-Dale Caroline & Dale Streeter. Co founders “That’s My Ball™”

Hi, I’m Caroline

And I have three loves in my life; my husband, my dogs & golf (not always in that order!)

My husband, Dale, has been obsessed with golf for over 25 years, so when I met him I figured I’d better to take up the game as well if I wanted to see more of him on the weekends!

Dale is a scratch marker and I’m well, a little way over that. But I love it all the same. In 2008 I decided to throw caution to the wind and start my own business. Knowing first hand the frustration of golf balls getting mixed up on the course I set out to look for a great, reliable, affordable and fun golf ball stamp.

Within six months I’d left my job and started up ‘That’s my Ball’™. A company that sells the best golf ball stamps in the world to the very best people in the world; golfers.

A loyal group of happy customers soon grew, and with their help and feedback we’ve grown our range to include some other purposeful and fun personalised golfing gifts.

Years down the track we’re still going strong. (The company, my husband and the dogs)! Thank you for your interest in ‘That’s My Ball’. If there’s anything I can help you with please give me a call on 1300 445 054 or email me at caroline@https://thatsmyball.com.au

Now you’ve found us, you should never play the wrong ball again.