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Golf Ball Stamp Top 3 FAQ:
Can I buy this stamp in a different colour?
The stamp comes boxed in the colour as shown in the ball image. However, if you would like to request a change of colour, please add an Order Note (located below your address details at Checkout) or buy a separate ink pad in the colour of your choice. Any discounted ink vials purchased will be the same colour as the stamp that is shipped. 
Do I need to buy extra ink?
No you don’t. Your stamp comes inked and ready for immediate use. Press firmly several times to bring the ink up to the surface of the ink pad. You can choose to purchase a spare ink vial now at a discounted price and keep for later use. You only need to add 3-5 drops of ink to a drying ink pad to refresh it and we advise not to mix ink colours. ie. put blue ink in a drying blue pad, red ink in a drying red pad etc.
How durable is the ink used?
The ink used is waterproof and fast drying (ready to play in less than 15 seconds). However, we do recommend stamping your golf balls well in advance of your round to ensure maximum durability and visibility. Different brands of golf balls and playing conditions will affect the stamp differently so have a reasonable expectation of general wear and tear. With correct application, you should still be able to clearly identify your golf ball at the end of an 18 hole round. (Refer to our 60 second How to Use video)
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