Testimonials for ‘That’s My Ball’ Golf Ball Stamps

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I received my I Stamp last week within three days of the order and used it on Saturday at Kooringal GC. A terrific product with great visibility and durability. I will suggest to my other playing partners that they get one as well (albeit one already has had one for some time and uses it all the time). Cheers – Robert S, Melbourne

Never Hit The Wrong Ball Again! – I have had a That’s My Ball stamp for over 7 years now, early on I tried a number of ways to mark my ball before noticing the That’s My Ball advertisement in the Golfer Pacific Magazine. The stamps are easy to use, long lasting and most importantly my ball is identified at 1st glance. The service from Caroline and her team is A+ and I highly recommend a That’s My Ball stamp for all discerning golfers.” – T. Anderson, Glass House Mountains Queensland

Greetings, some time ago we purchased 3 ID stamps, two for presents, and we are very happy with them. The stamps make it so much easier to identify your ball, and so avoid time wasting make sure it’s mine moments ! Thanks for a very good product. – K Donovan

Thank you for the very easy to use golf ball marker. The imprint last many games and can be touched up. The personal mark sure stops wrong balls hit. A great product. – K Morris, Yarram Golf Club, VIC

My lucky four leaf clover ID stamp gave me the edge and helped me to remain undefeated throughout the 2010 pennant season! It’s now part of my pre round routine at the first tee. A couple of quick stamps, and I’m set for a great round! – Ingrid Noack, VIC

I received the “Red Swan” in time to apply it and give the ball a BIG workout on Wednesday 30 December. Thank you for your wonderful service and even though the ball was hit too many times for a normal 18 hole round the marks (I put two on the ball) were still clearly showing at the end of the round and my playing partners were most impressed. I will work on them in the weeks ahead to consider getting their own identifying mark. Once again, great product and even greater service. Thank you. – T Rollinson, WA

I am a member of a serious group of golfers that play each year over 3 rounds at selected Queensland courses for the “GASP” cup. This year 3 players were penalised for playing the wrong ball. Most of the group were playing the new Titleist balls which were handed out at the start of the competition and as prizes. The penalties cost 2 of the players the overall winning score. We are now mandating individual marking of the player’s ball and I have agreed to purchase “That’s My Ball” ID stamps as part of the competition for each player. I have been using the “That’s My Ball” stamps for some time and found the quality and durability to be excellent. A great gift and a great way to avoid penalties in competition – John Gibbins, Metropolitan Golf Club, VIC

Excellent service and fantastic product. Definitely what you need for your ball – stand out from your competitors – B Palmer, Golf Digest, NSW

This product is clearly a Winner! Easy to use, and clear marks which last a long time. My only problem is that at the rate I lose balls, I will never really get to appreciate how long the marks last! Everyone who has seen me using the marker wants one. I have sent in another order, and expect to order more soon. Keep up the great work!- Don, SA

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Caroline, when attending the Australian Ladies Open in Melbourne earlier this year I purchased the “That’s My Ball ” ID Stamp. Back home in Edinburgh, Scotland my golfing colleagues appreciate the benefits of an easily recognisable marked ball especially when in longer grass. I am one very happy chappie. My home golf club celebrates during 2011 its 250th Anniversary and I am sure the stamp would be a perfect gift for both our Members and Guests. Must speak to our Events Committee. ” – A Cattanach, Scotland

I love the stamps, great idea! – Cathryn, NSW

I always marked my ball with a perm marker pen but other people also drew lines and in the end had a similar mark to me. It is clear for me and for everyone else on the course as to which ball is mine and not theirs! Makes golfing life a lot easier – Dale, VIC

Absolutely love the stamp, longer lasting than the marker pen I used to use and so much neater –  D Smith, WA

Bought some of these from you. Just wanted to say thanks for the efficiency and quality of your stamps. – Charmaine, NSW

I have the Ladybird stamp and I can clearly identify my ball on the course. Takes out any guessing game and others leave my ball alone because they know that they don’t have a Ladybird on their golf ball. Whilst the mark does wear during play I don’t have to restamp the ball during my round of golf, I can still see the mark quite clearly. – Susan, WA

Saw your ad in Golf Australia I think and thought it was a great idea. Being Chinese, I figured that the Chinese Luck symbol would be good. Since using it on my SRIXON soft feel golf balls, I have had my hcp come down from 17.4 to 14.4 in the last 2 months, with 43 pts – 80 off stick – came 2nd! , 44 pts – 78 – 2nd again and then 39 pts – 83 and finally won my competition. It certainly has given me good luck so keep up the work at “That’s my Ball ” – G Gin, VIC

Knowing the rules of golf I have always searched for a good way to mark my ball where I would know that it’s mine and yet it still looked good. I have tried putting my name or initials on my ball with pressure stamps, and permanent ink pens but that just looks terrible and is not easy to do. I have for some time used a permanent ink pen to color in several ball dimples but that too just looks terrible and a lot of golfers do the same thing. When I found That’s My Ball I knew I had found a way to mark my ball like no one else was going to do it. With 35 different stamp designs all you need are one or two stamps on your ball and you are unique. Thank you That’s My Ball. – Dan Longeway, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

I ordered two of your golf ball stamps. I wanted to let you know how much I like them. Very easy to use and show up well. Will be ordering more in the future I am sure. Also, wanted to thank you for good service. I was a little worried about being out of USA. Received my order promptly and in good condition.
Thanks Norman from Oregon-USA

I couldn’t be happier. That’s My Ball is so easy to use and the result SO much better than a messy pen mark. I’ve also given three as gifts and my friends were thrilled too. – Michele Adair, Hurstville Golf Club NSW

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