The golf ball of powerful Australian professional Steve Jones won’t be hard to spot this Aussie summer of golf with the 30-year-old putting a That’s My Ball golf ball ID stamp in play, beginning this week at the BetEasy Australian Masters at The Metropolitan Golf Club in Melbourne.

This week Jones was unveiled as an ambassador for That’s My Ball — a six-year-old company that gives golfers the chance to leave a unique permanent marking on their golf ball to avoid the dreaded two-shot penalty for playing the wrong ball.

The Victorian, like countless club golfers around the country, learned the hard way that playing the wrong ball can spoil your scorecard and even cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you’re a professional competing for glory on tour.

As an ambassador for That’s My Ball, Jones is almost certain to avoid a repeat of his misfortune.

“It happened to me when I was an amateur on one of those courses where the holes go up and back,” Jones admitted. “My ball was in the same tree-line as my playing partner and I just hit it without thinking about it because it wasn’t marked.”

The Gold Coast-based professional has also seen it happen on the PGA Tour of Australasia.

“It happened to a guy I played with at the Queensland PGA a couple of years ago,” Jones remembered. “He hit his drive a bit past mine and because I was hitting it a bit further than him all day, he hit the first ball and it ended up being my ball. We both had similar markings and it was a bit confusing and he got a two-shot penalty.”

At Metropolitan, Jones has chosen to stamp a Superman logo on his ball — a move that he hopes will inspire him to his first win as a professional.

“I’m trying to get a bit of confidence up and I thought, ‘what better way than to get a Superman logo on my ball?’ Most people use a similar ball so nobody wants to get theirs mixed up and we usually hit the ball in similar spots too. It’s important to know which one is yours and especially if you play courses with rough, you’ve got to be able to identify it easily. The products give you something unique to be able to do that.”

That’s My Ball offers golfers a range of products including more than 100 golf ball ID stamps, custom ID stamps, stencils, ink vials and ink pads for marking your ball.

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